Accel Aerator

About MCIS Trade Group

MCIS Trade Group LLC was established in 2016 to sell water filtration products to professionals. Our focus is and has been the development of a new and unique Radon Water Removal System which would be efficient, affordable and consumer friendly.

The idea for this new product along with the developing and testing stages began a little over 3 years ago because we found that most of the systems on the market are somewhat complicated to operate and to maintain.

Our new system is known as the AcceL-AerAtor E99. The system’s design is based on the “easy and simple” concept.

Besides the radon water mitigation system we offer a great line of other water filtration systems. We have teamed-up with the Hankscraft Runxin Company in order to offer their Elements Water System Series.

Meet George Doumit

Owner / Operator

I have been working in the water treatment industry since 1981 and found a need for an innovative and different radon water removal system. That is how MCIS Trade Group LLC got started, and as time goes by I/we will be introducing other new and exciting products so please keep in touch.